Pre-PELC Boot Camp - Local Elders

[chatroll width='100%' height='600' id='iWYRJeP0Wxg' name='pre-pelc-boot-camp---local-elders-chat' apikey='yhx3ravh8d2hycdj' domain='chatroll.com']

About the PELC Chat

You can use the chat to:

    • fellowship with one another.
    • private chat with others.
    • ask for technical assistance.
    • encourage each other.

All logged in registrants are automatically logged into the chat on the page. To log out of the chat, you have to log out of the PELCpower website and therefore not be able to view the live stream.

Select their name in the chat to start a private chat. Then you will see a link to invite others in your chat. Repeat to add more chat members.

You will not be able to change your chat name nor add a profile photo.

Some have asked about adding a profile picture to their name. This is auto-generated from www.gravatar.com accounts that are connected to the same email address used here to register. It could take 6-24 hours to propagate your profile online and you would have to log out and log back in here in order for it to appear when it is ready. We do not offer any support for that, but just wanted to pass on the information.

The two icons are to mute/unmute and pop-out the chat window so it is a floating window - works best with desktops and laptops.

You cannot block others in the chat. However, you can look for people in the chat who have "Moderator" next to their name and send a private chat explaining the problem and they will work it out.